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New to Libby? Watch the Getting Started Video and follow the simple steps to start reading!

For more advanced browsing and features, check out Libby’s FAQ to learn more about searching, renewing, holds, notification settings, and more.

If you are using a Kindle, make sure to to read the Kindle Guide on how to send your books to your Kindle. Reminder: The Libby app is not available for Kindle devices. You may either download the Overdrive App (same catalog as Libby) or use your iPhone, Android phone, or desktop computer to checkout books from Libby and have them sent to your Kindle. 

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Video Streaming

Kanopy showcases more than 30,000 of the world’s best films, including award-winning documentaries, rare and hard-to-find titles, film festival favorites, indie and classic films, The Great Courses, PBS, and thousands of independent filmmakers.

With the motto of “thoughtful entertainment,” Kanopy provides Guntersville Library patrons with access to films of unique social and cultural value; films that are often difficult or impossible to access elsewhere, and programming that features diversity, with a wide array of foreign language films and films on race and current affairs.

To get started:

1. Visit
2. Enter your library card number
3. Create an account
4. Download the app on one of the available devices
5. Log in and start streaming!


Play Credits for Films:
1. Each library card gets 5 play credits per month.
2. Once you hit play on a film, you have unlimited watches for 48 hours.
3. Play credits for films are by calendar month and reset on the 1st of each month and do not roll over to the next month.

Play credits for The Great Courses
1. Each library card gets 2 play credits for The Great Courses per calendar month and they do not roll over.
2. Upon playing any Great Course, patrons will have 30 days to access that course. If you start a Great Course on the 30th of the month, you still have 30 days to access that course.

Kanopy Kids

Kanopy Kids is separate from the play credits and is there for anyone to enjoy. Upon playing any kid’s film, patrons will have unlimited access to the entire Kids library for 30 days.








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