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2021 Book Challenge

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Up your reading game in 2021 by taking part in our first ever year-long book challenge. Below you will find a link to our 52 Book Challenges–one for every week of the year. Feel free to try as few or as many as you like. Make sure to log each book in READsquared for points and fill out a book review. At the end of the year you can redeem your points for prizes!

One book can count for more than one challenge. For example, the book Pachinko could fulfil “One-word title” and “Featuring three generations”, but you would log it twice to earn the points for both challenges.

Book reviews are not required and do not earn points, but can be an easy way to keep track of which challenge the book fulfilled. For example: “Book published before 1900. 4 stars.”

Don’t know how to find a book to fulfill a certain challenge? Ask a librarian or checkout NoveList Plus!

Click here to see the 52 Book Challenges 

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